Experienced outside commercial contract counsel

Commercial Contract Specialist

With over 15 years of legal experience, my practice is dedicated to representing public and private companies, largely in the technology sector, in their commercial contract needs.


Work as either overflow counsel or the sole procurement attorney in the review and negotiation of vendor agreements.


Business-minded legal solutions to help companies sell their software, services, and products to customers.


I’ve supported industry-leading clients, including a few listed below.

Practice Areas


Review, revise, and negotiate vendor contracts, including SaaS agreements, professional services and consulting agreements, MSAs, SOWs, order forms, and marketing agreements.


Work closely with sales, business, finance, privacy, and security stakeholders to determine potential risks, address customer concerns, negotiate contracts, and help to close high-value deals.


Serve as outside product and go-to-market counsel to help clients launch new products and features.


Draft and negotiate mutually-beneficial partnership and reseller agreements.

Privacy and Security

Working closely with internal privacy and security teams, assist with negotiating data privacy and security agreements.


Bespoke employment practice, representing individuals in reviewing offer letters, equity packages, and separation agreements.

Client Testimonials

Providing great client experiences is one of the core values of my firm.